Have you ever wondered where is sun during rainy days? Probably not.
The obvious answer is – behind the clouds of course, but I have a better one!

For people from temperate climate, rain is quite a regular companion. However you really do not want to take him to your holidays. Your chance is clear, go where sun is! In Europe, this dream location is in Costa del Sol, or Sun Coast. There are only 59 rainy days per year. They say that when it rains, it covers for the rest of the year, but if you plan properly, it won´t happen to you! 

This location lies at the center of Andalusia, accessible from the city of Malaga.

Malaga view

Tips for Costa Del Sol

We have arrived to Malaga in November. Probably not the best time for swimming, but an ideal one to remind oneself of summer at late autumn time. The first obvious fact was that the Malaga airport is really shockingly huge. I can imagine those huge crowds in summer and I would probably not want to be there during the time. It must be thousands and thousands of tourists at the same time. In November, there are relatively few people, which is an ideal time for a tourist like me.

Like everywhere in southern Spain, Malaga is full of palm trees which give it nice subtropical atmosphere. Unlike Granada, it is clearly a modern city. The first thing not to miss is a free walking tour, of course. There are several of them, unfortunately we had not much of a choice as we were planning to spend there only one day. Our plan was to take only the general one which covered majority of the city, its history in a shortcut starting with Holy Roman empire and ending up with modern reshape of the place. We could not resist to join the second tour as well. This one was for Alcazaba. You buy a standard ticket to the fortress and you have a free tour as a bonus. It is in the evening so we finished it with a beautiful sunset.

The most important thing to visit in Malaga though is the coast. Sun Coast to be precise. The harbor of the city is pretty picturesque, nice for photos indeed. To the left, you can find a huge beach. You would not expect many people on the beach in November, but this place lives in another dimension. There were quite a few people lying on the sand and enjoying the neverending sun. We had not missed the opportunity to walk in the sea water and collected some beautiful shells on the way.

It was a mistake to select only one day for this nice place. One I have to fix in the future. If I had more time I would visit Ronda for sure, an amazing place as far as I can tell from its pictures.

Will you follow the sun to its coast?

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