Alpujarra is located at the south of Sierra Nevada, covering some of the villages towards the sea. It is full of beautiful views on the mountains as well as picturesque villages with white houses.


Tips for Alpujarra

Majority of locations in Alpujarra are accesible by Alsa buses starting in Granada. Unfortunately their timetable is a bit demanding for the tourists. I assume that they are meant for locals, so in the morning they go towards Granada and returning in the evening. The tourist starting in Granda would prefer the opposite setup. Nontheless, with proper planning, it is possible to travel with buses and manage to see quite something, though car might be a better option.

We picked two locations. One starting in Trevelez, walking up the slopes of dry southern mountains. We were hoping for a set of springs and waterfalls in the direction of Siete Lagunas, however November is probably not the best time for this. There wasn´t much water and due to the lack of time, we had to return in the halfway. The trip was full of adrenaline though. Firstly the bus routes are ascending several thousand meters in three hours, which gives you constant views of the steep valleys directly next to the road all the time. Secondly part of the hike itself is leading close to the bull yard. You can hear their bells all the time. Our expectation was that it helps you to hear if they are running after you, but fortunately we haven´t tested it.

The second location we visited was a route between villages of Restabal and Pinos del Valle. It is not a long one, rather ideal for a rest day. It followers the roads next to Beznar lake, which you can see in the picture above. Nature is very beautiful in this location, full of pine trees and red ground. In Pinos del Valle, you can find a nice picnic spot right above the Beznar.

Alpujarra is a beautiful place, but it has two flaws. On the one hand the bus traffic is really really bad. The stops are many times not clearly placed and buses are rarely arriving on time. On the other hand, literally nobody speaks English. In Pinos del Valle even tourist office wasn´t able to help us. This cost us the last bus to Granada. No hotel nearby, Granada 30 kilometres away. Can you imagine the anxiety we felt? Fortunately that was the time when the group of saviour grannies came to the game. They spoke no English, so we were not even trying. But they knew what we need, the bus. When we were desperately leaving the bus stop, as it was clear that it was a wrong one, they didn´t let us leave. They knew that there will be one more bus coming. This was not in the timetable. Most likely a driver going home from another part of Alpujarra. But thanks to the grannies, we got in, and we got home!

Long live the grannies from Alpujarra!

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