Time is running really quickly. It was just “yesterday” as we celebrated New Year and it is February already. Well, fortunately, we can celebrate Chinese New Year just as well. I was thinking about what to prepare for you and I decided to do a collection of my most favourite trips in Europe. I will try to prepare some tips for each of these locations in the future posts, but now I want to focus on the locations themselves. 

Not all of you are from Europe so what is it you would like to see? Europe is full of beautiful locations and countries. Each of them has its own beauty and is worth visiting, but each location has certain patterns and therefore you can pick one of the countries instead of visiting them all. If you have anything specific you want to visit get in touch and I can share my tips. Below are my ideas for the best trips in Europe.

Warmth of Spain

Trip from beach to mountains in Spain

I visited Spain last year and it captured me since the first day. In some parts there are conflicts and it is better to avoid them for the time being, f. e. Barcelona, however Andalusia lives in its own beautiful world during the whole year. I posted my tips for this location in the posts sooner this year.

What I find mesmerizing about Spain is its full range of activities. You can spend time on one of its beaches and enjoy the view of the second highest mountain range in Europe at the same time. One day you can have a hike in marvelous hills of Alpujarra just in your T-shirt and the next one you can enjoy snow of Sierra Nevada peaks. If you like diversity during your holidays, this is the place just for you. Don´t forget to visit Granada, you can get the best sunsets in the world there!


Get lost in the wilderness of the North

Northern Europe is getting more and more popular every day. My first trip there was more than ten years ago. People from the north are one of the happiest in the world and I would say that it is caused by their amazing nature and possibilities for wonderful hikes! Mountains are not that high but as they seem to grow from the sea itself, they are spectacular. If you love wild nature, untouched by people, you can find many possibilities in the north.

I spent two weeks in Norway during summer and it was worth every second. The sun goes down only during late hours and if you get far enough then the day never stops! Can you imagine having a day several months long? You can watch sun touching the sea and returning back to the sky In Nordkapp which is the most northern part of Europe. I really enjoyed the path of trolls. The views at the top are one of a kind and you can meet some mythical creatures on the way. The only place more beautiful than Norway could be Iceland. It is in my dream list for quite some time. Once I save up enough money, I will go there for as long as possible!


Travel to the past on the islands of Greece

Greece is the cradle of Europe. Its culture gave shape to the beginning of our culture and shaped the history over the centuries. I have been in Greece several times and I loved it every single time. Read the Greek mythology prior to the visit. It will help you understand all the ancient history you will see. Stories of gods, demigods, titans and ancient monsters can be found even in modern filmography so you might realize that you know many of them after all. If ancient history is your cup of coffee you will love Greece with each cell. Go for it and hike through ancient locations to get the feeling of past thousands of years old.

Greece has quite a few islands you can visit. Each of them is different as they started as states on their own in the ancient history. I love to walk up to the acropolis and enjoy the views all around. The most favourite for me is Rhodes with its valley of butterflies, several city states, donkey trips, boat trips and two seas at the same time. If you can choose only one island, definitely go for this one. I have been there twice and still plan to return. Another choice would be Zakynthos, the birthplace of turtles and the centre of many stunning beaches you simply cannot miss. Crete is still on my to do list, let me know if it is good!


Explore the nature of central Europe

If you love waterfalls, mountain rivers and wild nature during your trips, but the north is a bit too expensive for you then don´t miss central Europe. The heart of these trips is located in High Tatras. You can access them from Polish side if you are looking for the biggest lake in the area. During our trip we got as high as possible using a horse cart. It is very interesting experience I never had in mountains. You are able to freely cross to the Slovak side as part of your walk, though it takes a bit of dedication.

Once you got to Slovakia don´t miss Slovak Paradise. It offers endless walks through canyons full of waterfalls and huge ladders which will take you as close to the waterfalls as possible. Some of these trips will spike your adrenaline on the way, but you will definitely not regret completing them. I have crossed the paradise from one side to another and still love to return there every year.


Enjoy the watermills of Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most openminded countries in Europe. If you are looking for some unusual experience and want to try something new, this might be your choice. Not everybody needs mountains and the place is charming on its own. It does not offer much of a challenge for the hikes as the country is fairly flat, however it is full of picturesque houses and especially watermills so you will collect amazing photos on the way.

During our trips we were located in Amsterdam and traveled to the outskirts by bus. If you plan your trip properly, you may enjoy some great hike. You may choose bike for this as well, so that you can cover more ground on the way. How many water mills have you met during one hike?


Choose your path

The trips above are my personal tips for you. Do you agree with them, or do you have another ones? Let me know! Europe is very beautiful and diverse. You can enjoy the peaks of the highest mountains as well as walk among watermills. The whole year is in front of you to enjoy all of them! Choose your path, and let me know how you liked it.


White Bunny · 16. February 2018 at 11:18

I think even in Czech Republic are good trips too! 🙂

    Marek Michal · 18. February 2018 at 17:37

    Tell me more! What would you suggest?

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