Granada is a location in the region of southern Spain called Andalusia. I have been advised to go to Granada in 2015 by one of my colleagues. It took me 2 years to be able to do so. In November 2017 I said to myself that the time is finally here, I simply must go there. By this time, I found out that quite a few people I know had been there and here I thought that it is not a traditional destination. Actually one colleague of mine went there just one week sooner than me, what a coincidence!

I was having high expectations of the location, but I was shocked by how many options there are to see. One needs at least a month to enjoy all of them. However some points were set in stone. My must see list:

  • Alhambra – everybody visits Granada because of this amazing castle
  • Sierra Nevada – second highest mountain range in Europe, can´t miss!
  • Alpujarra – region full of beautiful nature
  • Costa del Sol – when close to sea, you simply must stand in it!
You can read my tips to these locations if you click on their names.
I must say that I was definitely not disappointed by the place. On the contrary, I was so impressed that I promised to myself to return there once again and enjoy the beauties of the region once more. Each place has its own stories to tell. Beauty of the mountains is astonishing, history of the location is unforgettable, beaches are holding you in their power.
If you can, take somebody speaking Spanish with you, my story of savior grannies from Alpujarra explains all my feelings about this. It is not funny to stay cut out of English speaking people when you don´t know how to return to your hotel!

Have you visited the place? Did you share the same must see list, or was it different? Let me know!

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Tom Rabbit · 16. January 2018 at 22:40

I have to agree with you. Granada is awesome place and Sierra Nevada as well.

    Marek Michal · 16. January 2018 at 23:03

    I am happy to hear that you share the experience. Granada is a marvel!

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