About Marek Michal

My name is Marek Michal or MM. I love travelling around Europe, but even more hiking, especially in mountains. I capture my memories in a form of photography, which is shared via Instagram. Afterwards I put down my experience on a (web)paper and create my blog content available on this website. Being a webmaster, photographer and blogger is not only my passion but also a service which I offer.



I post my best work on my instagram account mm.amazing_stories. I have been using different cameras throughout the time, but my most recent one is Nikon D5600.


I have started to experiment with videos lately. All my work is posted on YouTube and some short versions on Instagram. My most favourite are time-lapse photographies.

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I have been working as a webmaster for the past 15 years. Web has changed significantly since then. New solutions are much more customer friendly. Page after creation can be easily updated by anybody and the trend of Web 2.0 leads to huge generation of content by users.


One of my first projects based in Slovakia. Current version is already third release of the website. Modern responsive page using the best practices.


One of the most recent projects, from Czech Republic. This website is using high quality graphics as a core of the website to improve the quality of user experience.


International portal for the EU residents. This portal is one of the cheaper solutions. The build is much more appropriate for charitable institutions.

If you are interested in my photographies, webmaster services or any other information, feel free to Contact Me.